Qualities Of The Perfect Commercial Real Estate Agent

Whether you are on the buying or selling end, having a great commercial real estate agent can help to simplify the process and ensure you get a savvy deal. Here are some things to look for in a great real estate agent.  Deep Experience in Commercial Real Estate One mistake that buyers and sellers make is choosing an agent who doesn't have much experience in commercial real estate. Even if you have worked with a great residential real estate agent in the past, you may be wise to find someone with more experience in the commercial market. Read More 

Ready To Buy A New House But Unsure What To Do With Your Old Home? Talk With A Realtor

If you are currently living in your starter home and you have been considering moving to get more space, you want to contact a realtor. If you are interested in maybe keeping your house as a rental property, there are a lot of questions the real estate agent can answer for you. The agent isn't just going to guide you with selling your current home, but finding your new home. Here are a few things you'll want ask. Read More