New Rental Property Manager? 3 Landscaping Tips

If you are new to managing rental properties, the landscaping may also be new to you. It is important, however, as it can add value to your property. Below are three problems you may have with your tenants when it comes to landscaping, and what to do about these problems. Tenants That Have Pets If you allow pets in your rental properties, you should put something in the lease that pertains to the pets damaging the landscaping. Read More 

Tips For Attracting College Students As Tenants To Your Rental Property

If you own or plan to invest in rental properties, college students can make great tenants. You simply need to know ways to attract them to your property. Some property owners may be hesitant about renting to students because they may envision wild parties. Keep in mind that just as the adult population is versatile and full of people with different personalities, so is the diverse population of college students.  Read More 

Finding The Right Apartment As A Dog Owner

Are you a dog owner looking for an apartment? If so, there may be some extra precautionary measures that you will want to take when searching for your next home to ensure you rent an apartment that adds convenience for both you and your dog. To ensure you find the right apartment for both you and your dog, you will want to be sure that you take the time to find an apartment that offers: Read More 

How To Keep Your Belongings In One Piece While Moving

Moving to a new residence is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. There are so many things to keep track of such as cleaning and transferring utilities. Worrying about whether your possessions are going to arrive in one piece should not be another burden. Thankfully, with proper preparation, packing and care, this is one thing you can rest at ease about. Preparing For the Move In the weeks before the move, take the time to start assessing what items might get damaged. Read More 

How To Clean And Extremely Dirty Ceiling Fan

An attractive ceiling fan adds a little something extra to any room in your home, and also provides comfort via energy-saving air circulation. Depending on their size, style and type, ceiling fans can give a room an old-fashioned ambiance, offer tropical excitement or add a sophisticated element to a modern home decor. However, if you've recently moved into an older home that hasn't been well maintained, you may find the ceiling fan is covered in a thick layer of dirt, dust and cobwebs. Read More