Qualities Of The Perfect Commercial Real Estate Agent

Whether you are on the buying or selling end, having a great commercial real estate agent can help to simplify the process and ensure you get a savvy deal. Here are some things to look for in a great real estate agent. 

Deep Experience in Commercial Real Estate

One mistake that buyers and sellers make is choosing an agent who doesn't have much experience in commercial real estate. Even if you have worked with a great residential real estate agent in the past, you may be wise to find someone with more experience in the commercial market. 

There is a different skill set that goes along with being a successful commercial real estate agent. For instance, commercial agents need to be very comfortable with analysis and financial terms, since commercial buyers are looking to drop their bottom line. The selling points and personality of a commercial real estate agent may be much different than a residential agent, too. At the same time, the informational databases and marketing tools can vary greatly between the two real estate sectors. So be sure that your agent is committed to commercial real estate. 

Skilled Marketer

Much of commercial real estate is simply marketing. Make sure that your chosen agent is a successful marketer in the industry. The agent does not necessarily need to have an eye for design themselves, but they must at least have access to people that can create visually appealing marketing materials. Additionally, you should look at their past materials to make sure that they are professional looking and that the writing shows good grammar and style. When you're vetting your real estate agent, be sure to ask them which venues they use to search for and list properties; the best marketers know that using a wide range of platforms to search and market can produce results quickly. 

Has Support in the Industry

There are some great lone wolf real estate agents, but even if these people work for a company of one, they need to rely on other professionals to gain the widest reach possible. Ask your real estate agent about their affiliates to make sure that they can broadcast your needs to a wide variety of brokers and clients. 

These qualities can help you start narrowing down the pool of eligible commercial real estate agents. Once you can verify that the agent has a great commercial real estate network and the skills to thrive in the industry, you can begin to place your faith in your instincts for choosing the best personality fit. Look into commercial real estate by Western Realty Group Inc.