Want To Rent Your House To Fly South? Get A Property Maintenance Team To Help

If you are considering renting out your house while you take time away from Canada to head to warmer weather in the winter, you may wonder who can trust to care for your home if something goes wrong. A property maintenance company with a team of service professionals is a great fit.

There are many advantages to having a property maintenance team available and on call if you are going to have tenants in your home, and you'll want to call around to ask the following questions and to get prices.

Do You Do Lawn Service and Snow Removal?

Is the company going to mow the lawn and bag the leaves if you want, or are they going to plow and put down salt in the winter? What is the cost every time that they do this? If you are worried that your tenants aren't going to do it, raise the rent a little to have this done for them. They may like knowing that it will be taken care of.

What Service Repairs Can You Perform?

Does their company have their own workers that do HVAC and plumbing work, or are they going to outsource all of that work out? If so, what is the list of companies they work with if your property has an emergency that needs attention? Will they use a set list of companies that you choose instead? You need to know if they can do everything from fixing a small basement flood, to getting the furnace repaired.

Do Tenants Call You or Them?

Maybe you don't want to be bothered while you're away in the warm weather and you don't want your renters calling you for every little thing. If so, then ask the company if your tenants can call them directly when they have a maintenance problem, instead of calling you. Of course you should be consulted for all major problems, but they should be able to handle minor things without needing to bother you.

Going out of town and having people in your house may make you nervous, but if you find a great property maintenance company, like Marcine & Roussel Company, you won't have to stress while you're away. Instead, you can relax with a cool beverage in hand on the beach, knowing that if anything goes wrong the management company is going to take care of it and keep both you and your tenants happy.