New Rental Property Manager? 3 Landscaping Tips

If you are new to managing rental properties, the landscaping may also be new to you. It is important, however, as it can add value to your property. Below are three problems you may have with your tenants when it comes to landscaping, and what to do about these problems.

Tenants That Have Pets

If you allow pets in your rental properties, you should put something in the lease that pertains to the pets damaging the landscaping. It is common for animals to dig under fences, dig holes on the property, and damage flowers and plants you may have planted.

The state you live in may have leash laws, which requires a pet to be on some kind of leash if outside. If your state does not have this, you could still put rules in the lease that your tenants are not allowed to let their animals run loose.

Trees on the Property

You should have the trees on your property trimmed each year, which makes them look nice. You should also watch out for any trees that are near the rental properties. Hire a tree expert to inspect them. If you have any that are diseased or decaying, they may fall down if you have high winds. Have the contractor cut the trees down, and then plant new ones in their place, if you want to.

Tenants That Want to Plant Flowers

If you have tenants that would like to have a flower garden, you need to tell them they have to get your permission first. Go to the property and ask them where they plan to put the garden, and how large they want it to be. You likely do not want them to dig up the whole yard to install a new garden.

You may want to ask them to put the garden in the back yard if there is room. This is because if you take it when the tenant moves out, the area will look unsightly until the new grass starts growing. Any type of garden should be small enough so you can easily take it down, and plant grass seed over it.

You maybe should hire someone, such as an attorney, to look over your lease to make sure everything is covered in it. The last thing you want to happen is for a tenant to cause damage that is not covered in the lease. If this happens, the repairs will come out of your pocket. (For more information, contact Halifax Quality Homes Ltd)