Renovations You Can Do On A Tight Budget

If you want to do a few renovations to your home in an attempt to increase the appeal for potential buyers, there are several smaller projects that you can undertake on your own. If you just don't have it within the budget to hire contractors and do major renovations, you will be able to use some of these tricks to increase the value of your home, perhaps enticing buyers to make a bid.

Here are some ways you can renovation your home on a budget:

Changing Colors

Painting rooms within your home can help increase the appeal if it is done properly. Make sure to use neutral colors so that potential buyers will be able to match whatever decor or furniture they will be bringing into the home. Neutral colors will also make a room appear larger than darker colors.

Colors that are too light will give a glare effect, which is not very desirable. Stick with one color per room instead of using complementary colors for trim, as buyers may not like the choice you have selected.

Update Your Kitchen

Many people find the kitchen to be one of the most important rooms in the home, as it is used daily to prepare meals. You can update the look of your kitchen without spending a ton of money by replacing all of the fixtures and cabinet handles with something new. Having shiny new handles and faucets will make the kitchen look appealing to buyers. If you have a little more money to dedicate to this room, you can update the back splash area by adding some decorative tiling. This will tidy up the area without making too bold of a statement.

Living Room Area

In the living room, fixing the flooring will be a great help in making the area look appealing. You can have new carpeting or faux wood floors installed rather inexpensively. Pair this with some new lighting to make the room stand out a bit more. If you do not have a focal wall, such as a fireplace, you can create one by adding shelving on one wall. This is eye-appealing and will give a buyer a spot to place their collectibles.

Dining Room Fixes

A simple way to update the look of a dining room is to add new lighting with a medallion to showcase the chandelier. It can be painted to match the interior of the room. You can also add some crown molding around the ceiling area or at chair level. After painted, this will give the room a custom look. You can add wall paper above the molding if it is at chair level, giving the area a little patterning. Do not use any bright colors or extravagant patterns. Keep it simple and elegant.

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