How To Get The Apartment You Want

If you are looking for apartments for rent, you want to do your best to look like the best renter possible. You should realize that the management company is going to want the best renter possible in their property. They want someone they can count on to pay their rent on time, be a quiet neighbor and to leave the apartment in great condition. Below you will learn ways to help you rent the apartment you want by portraying yourself as a great renter.

Explain your credit report

It's a good idea to try to clean your credit up before you go looking for an apartment. However, if there are things on the report you can't clear up, then you want to explain why they are on there. Most people have something negative on their credit, but if you can provide a good explanation it will help you.

Dress nicely

You only have one chance to make the best impression possible. When you go to meet with the manager, you and your family want to be dressed neatly. If you show up in wrinkled clothes then the manager may get the impression you are not going to care for the apartment the way they would want you to. You want to dress much in the same manner as you would if you were going on a job interview.

Bring documents to show you are a good tenant

You should be fully prepared to complete the application completely. Don't leave out phone numbers, addresses or dates. You should also bring any documents with you that prove you're a good tenant. A couple examples of these documents can include reference letters from your past property managers, a reference letter from your boss and any other proof of your good character.

Bring pictures of your pets

If you have pets, you want to bring a picture of them. You should also bring in proof that they are currently up to date on their shots and have been spayed or neutered. If you have a dog that's been through obedience training, you should bring their certificate with you as well.

Don't bring loud children with you

If you have a rambunctious child, it may be best to leave them with a sitter. This way, the manager won't conjure up images of them coloring the walls with crayons and you will be able to talk without needing to stop to care for your child.

Following the advice detailed above will help you sell yourself to the manager. They will know you are a person of good character that they can count on to pay your rent and take care of their property. This will help you get any apartment you want.